State Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp – Arvada
“Jeff will provide thoughtful leadership on our school board. He brings a perspective – from his years of dedication to serving our community through volunteer work and his work with Second Wind Fund – that will help keep Jeffco Schools moving forward as well as the well-being of all of our kids.”

Former Lakewood Mayor Steve Burkholder – Lakewood
“I support Jeff for Jeffco’s School Board because of his proven leadership and his commitment to making our schools the very best. Jeff’s thoughtful leadership will not only benefit our schools, but also the taxpayers of Jefferson County.”

Dot Wright – Arvada
“I support Jeff because he understands the importance of the relationship between the schools and the business community, listens to the business community’s ideas, and prioritizes ensuring that Jeffco’s students are workforce ready.”

Tina Gurdikian – Littleton
“My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff and Suzanne since 1996. They are amazing friends, devoted parents, and leaders in the community. When Jeff told us of his intention for running for the Jeffco Schools Board of Education, I was proud of him for taking on the challenge; I know that he will be the voice Jeffco needs on the Board to ensure a quality education for our kids.”

Adam Paul – Lakewood City Councilor
“I’m supporting Jeff because he has a proven track record of effectively and successfully supporting the youth of Jefferson County. Jeff brings a fresh voice and will lead with integrity, understanding and wisdom bringing a clear vision of success to Jefferson County Public Schools.”

Tammy Story – Conifer
“Jeff is an active supporter of Jeffco Schools, dedicated to kids and their welfare, and an effective collaborator with strong leadership skills and the unique ability to build consensus among many players. Jeff is thoughtful, organized, pragmatic and disciplined.”

Bob Zachman – Lakewood
“Jeff is a working parent of two kids who attend Jeffco Schools. He is a natural leader and will bring a strong and reasonable voice to the board.”

Pat Stromberg – Lakewood
“Jeff is a father who has two young children being educated in Jeffco R1. I think that is a strong qualification for his candidacy.”

“Jeff is also one of the founders of Second Wind Walk/Run, the successful teenage suicide prevention program. He has experience in organizing community activities for a good cause. Thus, he should be a experienced and gifted person to help run our schools.”

Bob Murphy – Lakewood Mayor

Sally Spencer Thomas

Cindy Baroway

Campaign Leadership Team:

Co-Chairs: Former Mayor of Lakewood Steve Burkholder and State Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp
Treasurer: Aaron Azari, Former Arvada City Councilor

Complete List of Endorsers

The Mountains and Golden
U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter
State Senator Jeanne Nicholson
Saoirse Charis-Graves, Golden City Council
Jacob Smith, Former Mayor of Golden
Marv Kay, Former Mayor of Golden
Sue Marinelli, Former Jeffco Schools Board of Education President
Greg Aigner
Phyllis Albritton
Kevin Andrew
Wendy Davis
Linda Chalat
Karen I. Cravens
Karen Fay
Scott Fletcher
Lynnae Flora
Debbie Ford
Byron Gale
Corinne Gray
Kelly Johnson
Marcia Johnston-Walden
Peter and Pam Lindquist
Lori McGregor
Sarah Manier
Julie Maus
Ray May
Emily Miller
Sara Miller
Sharon Mortimer
Paul Ogle
Greg Poulos
Linda Rockwell
Jodi Rueschhoff
Marilyn Saltzman
Sally Spencer-Thomas
Tad Stephens
Tammy Story
Jon Tesseo
Carrie Vaccarella
Eric Westerhausen

South Jeffco
Kiki Traylor, Former State Senator
Arist Athanasopoulos
Tami Bandimere Shrader
Vickie Bane
Ruthannette Carter
Ruth Epps
Bob and Tina Gurdikian
Rev. Doug Hill
Rev. Chad Johnson
Rev. Mike Klassen
Mike Kelly
Cheri Kretsch
Dr. Marjorie Laird
Keri Lee
Orin Levy
Nick Lillo
Anna Martinez-Barnish
Carol Rickli
Emily Sanchez
Sandy Schissler
Paul Thoen
Jemal Touba and Rose Dotson
Bob Zachman
Greg and Kristin Zurla

North Jeffco
Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp
Rachel Zenzinger, Arvada Mayor Pro Tem
Sue Windels, Former State Senator
Hereford Percy, Former Jeffco School Board Member and Current President of Colorado Commission on Higher Education
Jane Goff, State Board of Education
Bob Fifer, Arvada City Council
Ken Fellman, Former Mayor, City of Arvada
Aaron Azari, Former Arvada City Councilor
Former Jeffco School Board President Bill Ross and Mary Ross
Dave Thomas, Former Jeffco School Board President
Debbie Benefield, Former State Representative
Rich Ferdinandsen, Former County Commissioner
Debra Oberbeck, Former Jeffco Board of Education Director
Chris Ainscough
David Aragoni
Paula Colorosa
Lisa Cook
Adam Dye
Susy Freeman Fischer
Kathy Frank
Sara Gagliardi, Former State Representative
John Giardino
Marilou Griego
Deb Guiducci
Jerry Jaggers
Jeff Kirk
Jonna Levine
John Litz
Phil and Elaine Lunnon
Ereka O’Hara
Dennis Polk
Emily Robinson
Ken and Dina Robke
Monica Smith
Rev. Rich Stewart

State Senator Andy Kerr and Tammy Kerr
State Representative Brittany Pettersen
State Representative Max Tyler
CU Regent Irene Griego
Bob Murphy, Mayor of Lakewood
Cindy Baroway, Lakewood City Council
Sue King, Lakewood City Council
Scott Koop, Lakewood City Council
Adam Paul, Lakewood City Council
Tom Quinn, Lakewood City Council
Pam Feely, West Metro Fire Protection Board
Betty Boyd, Former State Senator
Steve Burkholder, Former Mayor, City of Lakewood
Kathleen Stapleton, Former Lakewood City Council
Bill Bottoms
Mike and Angie Busse
Armando Calderon
Deb Carpenter
Indu Chugh
Patty Clark
Felix Cook
JC Cox
Jim and Kathleen Curtis
Buddy Douglass
Richard Eveleigh
JoAnn Furay
Annette Girmus-Orford
Eloy Garduno
Mary Ann Lundmark
Marta Murray
Todd and Shannon Neel
Ed Petersen
Nanette Randall
Lynne Smithpeter
Patricia Stromberg
Chuck Thorman
George Valuck
Steve and Julie Vanek
Leah Varnell
Dean Wahl
Shermita West
Les Willson
Mary Wylie
Brett Zachman

Wheat Ridge and Edgewater
Sue Schafer, State Representative
Cheri Jahn, State Senator
Bonnie McNulty, Mayor of Edgewater
Kristian Teegardin, Edgewater City Council
Moe Keller, Former State Senator
Cheryl and Dennis Brungardt
Deb Butler-Warren
Loretta DiTirro
Curtis Gilmore
Gary LaBelle
Pauline Moreno York

Jeannie Ritter, Former First Lady, State of Colorado
Former Lakewood Mayor Linda Morton and Bob Morton
Jon DeStefano, Former Jeffco School Board President
Mary Seawell, President, Denver Public Schools Board of Directors
Faith Winter, Westminster Mayor Pro Tem
Rev. Gretchen Wilson Bretz
Mona Sandoval
Ginger O’Connell Hartup
Kim Mears
Mike Wenk

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